This week I have decided I am going to make homemade flubber with Penny and Jude. Penny doesn’t have school tomorrow thanks the the Jewish holiday and so I thought it would be a good idea to do a craft that would both take a little while to make but would also encourage independent hands on playing for a long time. This is where the idea of flubber came in. I was looking through my pin board at all the crafts and activities I have been pinnying of late and came across this link to Schelastic Education Center’s blog on how to make flubber.

The recipe looks simple enough: water, glue, food coloring, and borax. The directions also look fairly straight forward. My guess is I will have one kid help me mix the first bowl of ingredients and have the second kid help me with the second bowl. And once the ingredients have all come together to make the flubber I am hoping that they will be playing with it for a long time! I’m hoping for an hour or more but I don’t want to get my hopes up they could just as easily get bored the second we are done making it and want to go outside and play with the little girl that lives next door, she is a year older than Penny and they love playing Anna and Elsa together. However my hope is they do love it and are able to play with it all morning so that (cross my fingers) I can get some reading done. The life of an English major is filled with things to read!

This plan is in no way fool proof! I have never made flubber with the kids before. The closest thing we have ever made to this was play dough. Like every other recipe or craft found online there is always the chance that it won’t work. The recipe could be flawed, missing a step or ingredient, Penny or Jude might by accident spill something or cause one of the bowls to fall onto the floor making a huge mess, a melt down could occur forcing discipline instead of fun, or the kids could be totally uninterested in making it. (Scenarios like these run through my head on a daily bases.) However bad it could turn out to be I am still willing to take the chance and if nothing else be able to tell you to find a different recipe!

Even though I am preparing for the worst I think this activity will go off well. It has all the elements that Penny and Jude love: hands on, cooking (in a way), colors, and a rewarding end result. As I said above I am hoping for a good hour of independent play time with the stuff. Who knows this could work out great, or terribly…. If you want to know what happens with this recipe stay tuned for the results, coming Friday afternoon (while the kids are napping.) I’ll give you all the messy/funny details. Until then you can imagine me knee deep in a green flubber explosion.


3 thoughts on “Flubber?

  1. I really like how you incorporate a sense of independence in the children. And I really love the mentality that you have when something might fail. It is great to have a mentality like that when you are dealing with kids especially because taking care of kids can be really stressful at times. Kudos to you!!


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