Flubber Blunder

As I said I was going to do on Wednesday, yesterday the kids and I attempted to make flubber…. It could have ended better. Wednesday night I went out to the store to pick up the borax and glue. I found the glue but could not for the life of me find borax. I looked in the laundry isle, the dish washing isle and a few other random isles just in case. I even asked someone that worked there and they sent me back to the laundry isle saying if they had it that’s where it would be. It appeared that Wegmans did not carry borax, so I quickly  looked up substitutes for borax. I found that corn starch and baking soda can be used as substitutes for borax. I knew there was a chance that the chemical reaction wouldn’t happen without the borax but I was willing to try.

All ready to start
All ready to start

Come Thursday morning I got everything for our project ready. Penny and Jude were so excited to make the flubber. Like I said I was going to do, I had Penny help me mix the first bowl of ingredients and Jude helped me with the second bowl. Then we poured the glue and food coloring mixture in the first bowl into the second bowl which had the baking soda and hot water in it. Nothing happened. No chemical reaction occurred and we were standing there mixing a bowl of pink watered down glue. It wasn’t my finest moment as a creative nanny.20140925_101634

Thinking on my feet I quickly said to the kids “Oh man it didn’t work! Oh well let’s put it in ziplock bags and squish it.” And so with a new plan in place I got the watery pink glue into double ziplocks as quickly as I could. I made a big deal out of how cool it was going to be to squish the stuff around in the bags. They played with the stuff for about ten minutes before Penny realized that it wasn’t really that fun. Luckily she had a great idea, playdough! I brought out the playdough and even pulled out some fall themed cookie cutters to enhance the fun, and they were off! They played with the playdough for almost an hour and I got my wish and had some time to do some homework!20140925_102126What did I learn from this experience? When you are trying to make flubber or anything similar to flubber you actually need to have the correct ingredients to cause the chemical reaction. I told my best friend who is also a nanny about my failed attempt and she simply laughed at me saying of course I couldn’t use baking soda instead of borax. I guess when it comes to the science side of nannying I don’t know everything yet. I am sorry I can’t say whether or not the flubber recipe that I linked in my last post is good or not. Perhaps the kids and I will try the recipe again sometime, when I actually can find borax.


14 thoughts on “Flubber Blunder

  1. Rebecca I think your flubber story is hilarious and shows how easily kids can be diverted from one thing to the next. I also know the let-down feeling when you think you’ve found something to keep them occupied and then they decide that they need a new form of entertainment. And I can completely relate to trying to find a substitute ingredient for something (mainly when cooking) and failing miserably, so I feel your pain there!


  2. You are a very brave nanny to try and make flubber with little kids. I used to babysit/nanny three kids under the age of three, and flubber would never even cross my mind for numerous reasons! I bet they had so much fun though, hopefully that borax shows up so you guys can give it another shot! I’m excited to see what else you plan to do with the kiddies!


  3. Rebecca!

    This is such a cute blog idea. I remember hearing you describe it in class and I was really excited to see the idea come to life. I love that you’re not just posting about ideas… you’re actually trying them too! This post was super comical and I’m sure the kids had a blast. Looking forward to more!


  4. Haha this is really funny and you seem to be a great person around kids. I’m looking forward to reading about more of your future experiences as a nanny and i’m sure some of these will come as big lessons to me when it comes to having fun with kids.


  5. I like that you tried a DIY projects with the kids to keep them engaged. I’m sorry it didn’t work out 😦 But it was still a really cool idea! I’m looking forward to more posts about your adventures with the kids.


  6. This was a great post to read about and shows how good of a babysitter you are. To have the patience with kids to make flubber is something amazing. Even though you didn’t get the final product you still got some homework done. Hopefully next time it’ll work and you’ll have more homework time. I enjoyed how you included what you learn from this bad experience.


  7. Hey, that’s an amazing story!! Baby sitting is a tough job but you make it look so easy. I have a niece who loves play dough and watching her make things is pretty funny and cute. You’re having a great time with those kids and i would want to read more about it.


  8. This was a great story. It really shows your skills as a nanny since you’re able to think on your feet like that. Also, it shows just how easily distracted kids are, haha. This seems like it would’ve been awesome if it worked, though!


  9. Such a cute funny story! I attempted to make flubber with my younger sisters a while back and it was an interesting experience. VERY MESSY. Also, children can get frustrated if things don’t turn out as planned, but I’m glad you were able to work something out with the kids.


  10. This is an awesome post cause I think it really shows the fun and difficult parts of babysitting! I’ve only had experience babysitting my little sister and we never did fun stuff like this, haha. But kids are so unpredictable and though things don’t always go according to plan, it’s so rewarding to try.


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