Snack Time

Yesterday was one of the most challenging days of my nanny life each year, the VNA Rummage Sale. Twice a year my mother, sister, and I go to a MASSIVE rummage sale in Far Hills. I’m not exaggerating when I say it is huge and hectic! As always I have Penny and Jude on Thursdays and so they join me at the rummage sale. Rummage sales are fun, and I always come away with some great stuff (Dooney and Bourke bag for $20) but every time it is difficult with the kids. Over the years I have learned to combat their lack of interest in my binge shopping with snacks.

Yesterday was like any other sale day, I had my game plan. I packed my backpack FULL of snacks! Snacks are a must whenever I take the kids anywhere. They came be used for many many purposes. If a kid is bored you can always say “Oh you need something to do? Here have this.” if a reward is needed for good behavior a quick “If you’re good in here, or for a certain amount of time, I will give you a treat.” and if a distraction is needed nothing works better than being able to grab a snack out of your bag and saying “Here have this!”

My clutch go to snack for Penny and Jude is peanuts and raisins. Now granted peanuts and raisins doesn’t work for every kid, i.e. the ones that are allergic to peanuts, but for everyone else it is a powerful snack! I keep this snack on hand because not only do Penny and Jude love it but also because I can feel good about what I am feeding them. Peanuts are a great source of vitamin E, protein, and antioxidants among other things. Raisins promote healthy eyes,bones, and dental, they also help fight against fevers and constipation. As a snack for anyone peanuts and raisins are a great choice but for kids even more so! As I said yesterday was difficult but I can say that thanks to two bags of peanuts and raisins I was able to do all the shopping I wanted.

When you are looking for a peanuty snack that has a little bit more sweetness to it I recommend the kids and my favorite peanut butter cookies. This recipe is super easy and doesn’t have a lot of ingredients. We have made this recipes so many times. Two summers ago we got in the habit of making these cookies every Friday afternoon as a treat. The kids loved it, I loved it, and their parents loved coming home to the smell of freshly made cookies until we realized we had more cookies than we knew what to do with.

Whichever snack you try enjoy it, both have gotten me out of a lot of sticky situations… ok and also into a few, word of advice when making the cookies with kids don’t leave them alone with an open jar of peanut butter, and if the peanuts and raisins are in a bowl keep it on a surface other than a couch. These two snacks aren’t mess proof but they are both so good, enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Snack Time

  1. Hahaha I love this. I used to babysit my little cousin and I totally get the whole snack thing. I used to always make sure I had an excessive supply of english muffins and peanut butter because that was my go-to snack whenever I needed something to distract him for a little while haha.


  2. Smart thinking! I loved raisins when I was young, (not so much anymore), but I really like how you use snacks as a reward for the kids, but you do it in a way so it is beneficial to the children and not effecting their health. It’s not like you’re giving them cookies or brownies every time you feel a snack is necessary. Good job!


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