Flubber Again?!

Original recipes comes from Schelastic Education Center.
Original recipes comes from Schelastic Education Center.

I believe that it is time to try and redeem myself from the flubber fiasco. If you haven’t read my post about the last time I tried to make flubber and are curious click here. This week I am going to try and make flubber with the kids, again. I feel like enough time has passed since my last failed attempt and this time I have done my research, I have a list of three stores that say that they have Borax in stock. If needed I will be traveling to multiple stores in search of the secret ingredient, and will not stop until I have acquired it! I am on a mission, I must redeem myself, and especially after last week’s almost disaster with the Spooky Bones I feel like now is the time to prove to myself and you faithful readers that flubber is something that I can make.

Alright so here’s the plan: today after I finish an acceptable amount of homework I am going to hit the pavement in search of the elusive secret ingredient to the success of making flubber. As I said before I am prepared to go to each of the three stores in my area that profess to have Borax in stock, and if need be get every shelf stocker and manager in each place search out its hiding place. Today I will not be taking no for an answer! And then come Thursday, with the magical Borax in hand, the kids and I will make the most perfect batch of borax that has ever been created.

I imagine that once I have obtained the box of powdered magic the rest of my week will go by without a hitch. Classes will be easy and enjoyable, homework will seemingly do itself, and all my other responsibilities will be a breeze. This perfect week of course includes when Penny, Jude, and I go to actually make the flubber. I see us having a lovely calm morning on Thursday culminating in when I announce that we will be making flubber. They will be filled with excitement but will still be able to control themselves and not start fighting over who can help me first, they will be the perfect little helpers. Pandora will playing only songs that the kids and I love while we precisely measure out the ingredients and mix them up. The chemical reaction will be magnificent! The ingredients will come together in a spectacular fashion and the result will be a bowl full of fluffy, squishy, colorful, and perfectly playful flubber. Penny and Jude will play with it for the rest of the morning and want to play with it again after nap, while the whole time I am doing a victory dance. The taste of victory will be so sweet, I will not even notice as the rest of the day flies by!

If you want to know exactly how magically my next attempt at making flubber with the kids will be check back in Friday afternoon. I promise to give a full account of the perfection that will be the day…


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