Flubbery Victory!

wpid-20141106_152128.jpgVictory! Success! Triumph! Validation! Redemption! Ladies and Gentlemen I have done it! I have successfully made flubber with the kids. It was glorious! I honestly danced around the house. I felt like a super hero, Super Nanny! I didn’t realized before this week exactly how much successfully making flubber would mean to me. After the first attempt and failure I knew that I would try it again at some point, but I didn’t realize the effect attempting again would have on me. Usually I’ll decide what I am going to do with Penny and Jude, write the first blog post about it, buy the stuff, and then forget about it until Thursday when I actually do it with them. That was not the case this week; I thought about flubber all week, even though I bought the borax on Tuesday I still was worried about the outcome of trying to make flubber again. I thought about it in class, in the car driving to and from school, and even on the bus on my way to class my thoughts were preoccupied with flubber. What if once again it didn’t work? And so when we finally made it Thursday afternoon and it was a success I couldn’t contain my excitement! I danced around the house. I played it with the kids. I continued to go back and play with it all afternoon while I was supposed to be cleaning, I couldn’t resist having the stuff in my hands. It became slightly obsessive I will admit.

Okay so I guess I should tell you about a little more than my personal vindication through successfully making something for children to play with, called flubber. After posting on Tuesday and finishing my homework for the day I went out with my friend Daisy in search of the mythical substance known in the detergent aisle as Borax. The stars were aligned, we found borax at the first store we went to. As I mentioned above flubber slipped into my thought a lot over the following two days. wpid-20141106_150751.jpg

Thursday Penny didn’t have school so we didn’t have the time restraint in the morning. Our freed up schedule and having watched a couple clips of So You Think You Can Dance made a dance party a must have. We danced for almost two hours!By the time I realized what time it was there wasn’t enough time to try and make flubber before lunch and nap time. My heart sunk a little when I realized the waiting was going to have to continue a little bit longer. After nap time was over the waiting was over. It was once again time to make flubber. Penny helped me mix the glue, cold water, and food coloring together. Jude helped me mix the borax and the hot water together and then blend the two mixtures together. There was a moment while I was pouring and stirring the glue mixture into the borax mixture that I didn’t think it was going to work, but then it did! It was a beautiful moment when I realized that I had successfully made the flubber! wpid-20141106_152140.jpg

The kids played with it until their mommy got there, almost 2 hours later. I would say that when you actually have the right ingredients this recipe for flubber is a good one. Just a word from the wise do not put it on fabric, it was very hard to get off! Well I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and take advantage of this tested recipe, until next time.

The Pinning Nanny


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