Minion Fingers

It’s the end of the week and it is time for my favorite post of the week, not only because it signifies almost the end of my work and school week, the results post! This week was a bit rough for the kids and I because Jude and I both have a fierce cold and Penny has a strong case of the sniffles that is threatening to become as fierce of a cold as Jude and I have had. Because of all the tissues, snot, coughing, and tears (of Jude’s not mine! Ok maybe I shed a fews tears, but that has everything to do with me just finishing a good book and not the cold.) none of us had the true enthusiasm we usually have while making our crafts.

After forcing myself off the couch and away from the warm blanket I tried to convince them, and myself a little bit, that making these puppets would be more fun than watching another show. I ignored the protests and put on what they call minion music, music from the movie, and thought we would all make the puppets together. However they were more interested in watching the music videos from the movie on the Ipad than helping me and I realized that if these puppets were going to come out looking at all like minions I was going to need to focus so I let them watch the music videos while I drew little faces on the yellow gloves. It was a fairly quiet craft, me sitting at the table willing these yellow gloves to transform into little minion puppets, and the kids sitting next to me hoarsely laughing at the minions dancing on the screen.wpid-20141114_094844.jpg

I finished drawing the faces on the gloves and cut the fingers off of the gloves, all without the kids really noticing. Once they were finished they finally took notice of the little minion like things laying on the table. Happy that they were finally showing some enthusiasm I placed one minion on each of their little fingers. Their faces light up and it felt really good. After posing for a few photos they told me they wanted to do a puppet show. I was happy feeling slightly like a super nanny by inspiring their imaginations.They climbed into their little castle and I stationed myself back on the couch with the blanket. Sadly the puppet show was incredibly short! It probably lasted all of three or four minutes.

Forgive the mess in the background!
Forgive the mess in the background!

Even though this craft was a success in that I was able to pull off drawing minion faces and Penny and Jude played with them, I was disappointed in the end result. I thought the kids would be more enthusiastic about the puppets and want to play with them longer. Of course if we hadn’t all been sick or it had just been a different day this craft might had ended in a more satisfactory way for me. So I’m calling this craft a success, and perhaps on another day they will end up playing with the puppets for longer, at least now we have them. If you want to try these finger puppets out for yourself heres the link and let me know how they turn out! And if you for some strange reason want to read even more of my thoughts while I was making them see the picture below. Alright well until next week, have a great weekend!Screenshot_2014-11-15-19-36-42


4 thoughts on “Minion Fingers

  1. ERMAGAWD. I LOVE IT!!!!!! Thanks for the idea. I’ll probably make these for myself!! Ahaha, this is gold. I’m sure it was just the timing and the condition. Keep on being a great nanny! 🙂


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