“The Fox Face”

There’s this thing that my sister does when she is around to hangout with me and the kids, she makes this fox face. Well she and the kids call it a fox face I don’t really see the resemblance but it’s funny no matter what. Anyway the kids love the “fox face” and try to make it themselves. Jude also loves all things animals, he has a huge fish tank in his room with fish named “Beautiful Fish” “Kissy Fish” “Handsome Fish” and more that I can’t remember. Penny doesn’t love animals as much, but they both LOVE the song “What does the Fox Say?” We have had many a dance party with this song making an appearance, they have often asked for it by name. And so this week the kids and I will be making fox masks.

From Handmade Charlotte
From Handmade Charlotte

I originally found this diy craft on Pinterest, however the blog that it originated from, Handmade Charlotte, is really cute. The mask was part of a larger post on crafts that you could do using the fall theme, such as leaf crowns. The instructions are a little vague so I might be doing a little guess work while making this craft with the kids. Even though the instructions might be vague, I think that I will be able to figure out how to make these and if I am able to pull it off the result will be worth it. The mask are super cute and I feel like the kids will love playing with them. As Penny and Jude are incredibly imaginative I can see them putting these masks on and playing for a long time!

The items needed for this craft are almost all items I keep around my house, so that is convenient and I love being able to save on crafts. I’m going to need a brown paper bag or two, white and black markers, elastic cord (but I’m going to use yarn), glue stick, a mask template (I’ll either find one or make it up), and scissors. I love crafts that utilize household items because it makes them that much easier.

So what could go wrong? Hmmm well, last week I forgot the yellow gloves for my craft and that was almost a disaster, sorry I forgot to tell you about that, so I could forget a vital item at my house that I will need to make the mask like the brown paper bags and not be able to find one around the house. The kids could be uninterested like last week. Colds could persist. Tears and snot could rain down on the table. A fight could break out. Flesh could be sliced with the scissors while my back is turned, they maybe kiddie but that doesn’t mean they’re completely dull! I might not be able to find a mask template and completely botch the shape or eye holes.

However I am going to choose to believe that this craft is going to go off marvelously! I believe optimism is key to getting things done and being happy while it is getting done. That’s what being a nanny has taught me anyway. Well if you want to know how these fox mask turn out check back in on Friday. And since I mentioned it earlier enjoy the song!


2 thoughts on ““The Fox Face”

    • They have gotten so imaginative with them! They love putting them on and making fox houses or crawl around on the floor. They love them!


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