Winter in a Jar

It’s Friday ladies and gentlemen! The work week is either finished or just about to be over! I’m happy to say that procrastination hasn’t won the battle, ok well maybe I should be writing a final paper right now but I’ll do that as soon as I’m done writing this. The snow globes worked out well. They look so pretty!wpid-20141204_102203.jpg

Penny and Jude’s mom went into work an hour later than she usually does so I got some extra time Thursday morning, but that also meant my time with the kids was cut short. They came in wanting a snack and juice and so before I could start doing anything for the craft I had to quiet their requests. It was a bit of a crunch to get everything set up, the kids sitting down ready to do the craft, and the glitter glue snowflakes on the jars before it was time for me to make lunch. Thank heavens my friend Alice was there with me, she was able to print out snowflake templates while I set everything else up.

Sadly the silver snowflakes are hard to see.
Sadly the silver snowflakes are hard to see.

The template was easy enough to follow once I put it inside the jars, sadly I didn’t ask her to save the link so I can’t tell you exactly where we got. However I’m pretty sure she just googled it so I would suggest doing that cause it really helped. As I’m sure you already guessed I painted the snowflakes on the jars while the kids sat and watched me. They also colored while I was hard at work. After I was done with the snowflakes I left the jars on the table to dry. I was in the other room with the kids when I heard Alice go “Oh no,” she had smudged two of Penny’s snowflakes! I had to do immediate glitter glue surgery. My instruments were Q-tips and more glitter glue. Luckily my surgery was a success and you can’t tell I had to fix it. The glitter glue took a lot longer to dry than I thought it would, after 4 hours Penny’s still wasn’t completely dry. Then again they were sitting in a room with a roaring fire, Alice doesn’t like the cold, so that could have been why they didn’t dry very quickly. After Penny got up from her nap we added water to the jars and then the much anticipated glitter. I used white and blue glitter and when it blended together in the jar it looked really pretty. The only scary thing about the snow globes right now is I didn’t realize we had run out of super glue and so the jars can at this point still be opened and their contents spilt. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen!wpid-20141204_163226.jpgI think this craft was a big success. The snowflakes turned out looking better than I expected, even with the emergency surgery. And the glitter catches the light really well. The kids love them and so I am happy. And now that all the fun is over it’s time for me to get back to my papers. 😦 I’ll talk to you all next week, that is if I’m not buried under all my notes and papers. Have a great weekend everyone!



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