It Was a Bit of a Fixer Upper

Yesterday Penny, Jude, and I made the Frozen flubber. The whole process of it wasn’t as easy as singing one of the songs from the movie that’s for sure. I actually had a bunch of moments when I didn’t think this flubber was going to come together.

wpid-20150115_162910.jpgOn Wednesday my friend Lily needed to borrow my car for a babysitting job, but she was going by the store with borax so I told her as long as she got me borax and glue it was fine. I thought that borax and glue were the only two items I didn’t have in my possession, I thought wrong. At dinner I asked where she had put my blue and white glitter after using it to make a New Year’s sign. She told me that she had left it in our friend Paige’s room, a room notorious for swallowing needed objects. This is when I started worrying that the Frozen flubber might not come together, without glitter it would just be blue flubber. Now I didn’t have my car so I couldn’t go in search of the needed glitter, I called Paige and asked her to look for it and let me know if she found it. Thursday morning arrived, I had the kids but no glitter. I decided to hold off making the flubber until after school and nap time in hopes that by some miracle I would have the glitter by then. Instead of making flubber we spent the morning outside and it was fun, but in the back of my head I kept thinking about the missing glitter.

wpid-20150115_163531.jpgBy the time I dropped Penny off at school I still hadn’t heard from Paige. Then like Disney magic Paige called me while Jude was napping, she had found the glitter! I told her I would pick it up at I got Penny from school. Paige only lives about 5 minutes from Penny’s school it was easy enough for me and the kids to go get it and return home only 15 minutes later than we usually did. I put Penny to bed and played with Jude for close to 2 hours. Then I realized that if I actually wanted this craft to happen it was going to have to happen now. Jude and I set up the ingredients,bowls, and the Frozen soundtrack playing. It wasn’t until we had started that I looked into my box of food coloring and realized that I was out of blue food coloring, a quick look in the kitchen told me that they didn’t have any either. Luckily glitter and white glue still look like snow and I was able to play it off to a three year old that we didn’t need food coloring because snow is white. Penny woke up just as we were finishing up making the flubber. Together they played with the flubber until their mom got home 30 minutes later, and I got to tidy up the house.

It wasn’t the magical easy experience that I was expecting but it did turn out nice in the end. Today they were playing with it again and Penny said that this was the best flubber ever! So I guess even though my experience wasn’t perfect it all turned out well because the kids were happy. So anyway have a great weekend and I’ll see you next week.

~The Pinning Nanny


Frozen Flubber

Frozen-Silly-Putty-Top-ShotOkay so I know I promised you guys that I wouldn’t talk about flubber again for a while, but six weeks is long enough right?! Hahahaha since this is my last week of Winter Break I wanted to do something fun with Penny and Jude while keeping mind some of the things we collectively love. I don’t think I have to really get into my love of flubber here, if you’re new to the blog this is the 6th post dedicated to flubber. The kids also love playing with it. And like every other kid they still are in love with the movie Frozen. I can’t tell you how many times we have watched the movie or listened to the soundtrack… it’s on my phone. So thanks to Paging Fun Moms this week we will be making Frozen themed flubber. They call it Frozen silly putty but by now I know flubber recipe when I see it.

I’m imagining the kids are going to freak out when I tell them we are going to make Frozen flubber. They still ask to play with the first successful batch and so this one should go over even better! I’m all geared up for this craft! I’ve got the soundtrack, the silver and blue glitter from our snow globes, I have to go get more glue and borax, but now I know where to get it and how to make a great batch of flubber. I think this craft is going to be a home run! I’m excited to make it with them and see them play with it afterwards.

After my last successful batch of flubber I’m feeling confident, combined with how great I feel after four weeks of no homework. I am going to say something that I have never said on the blog and that is I don’t think anything bad is going to happen with this craft. I’ve learned my lesson about the proper ingredients of making flubber. I can say I have made a successful batch. And I mean come on I’ve got the trump card, Frozen! This craft is set up for success! Come back on Friday to see if my confidence was misplaced or not. And because I can’t resist…

I’m Obsessed with Flubber!

Happy day after the feast! I hope you all were able to partake in the joyful celebration of Thanksgiving, not only eating but actually taking time to consider what we have to be thankful for. I know I have so much to be thankful for this beautiful season. And of course one of the things I’m grateful for is the time I get to spend with Penny and Jude. They bring so much joy to my life.

Now I know I have talked about flubber a lot on this blog and I promise that after this post I will be done talking about it… for now. 🙂 If you keep up with my blog you know that at the beginning of November I was finally able to successfully make flubber. And since then the kids have LOVED it! Honestly they love playing with flubber and that is why I am writing about it again. It is by far the most successful craft the kids and I have made together simply because we keep using it week after week. The little girl, Amy, that my mom watches is obsessed with it! Last week I announced that after cleaning up the dress up clothes we were going to play with flubber and her reaction was her jumping up and down as much as a little two year old could screaming, “It’s so squishy! It’s so squishy! It’s so squishy!” Honestly she did that the entire time it took for Penny and Jude to clean up the costumes.

The kids will play with it for hours on end. It has way more playability for them than play dough ever has. Even little Amy has played with it for two hours straight. When have you ever heard of a non sleeping two year old, or three year old or four year old for that matter, sit still and play with a single thing for two hours straight?! The love that these kids have for flubber is unheard of! Flubber has given me so much time to do things like cook, clean, and do homework that I don’t know how I nannied without it for so long! And it’s so cheap to make there really is no reason not to have a batch laying around for when you need some time without screaming and crying.

wpid-20141113_101920.jpgThe only thing I have to say about flubber that is bad is don’t let it get in the kids hair! Penny and I learned this one the hard way. I was cleaning up the kitchen when she panickingly called me into the sunroom. I didn’t first understand her panic until she turned her head and I saw the huge gob of flubber entangled in her hair. I was thankfully able to get it out but it did take some time and effort. And it was a little painful for her sensitive scalp. After I got it out I told her and the other kids not to put it near their hair and we haven’t had a problem since. So as long as you make sure the kids don’t put it in their hair this craft is pretty much priceless. It is a must have for me now.

Ok my over load of posts on flubber is now over! If you want to make you own batch click here. Once again I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are ready to get into the Christmas season! I know I am! Have a great weekend everyone, I will be back next week with a winter themed craft for kids.

Flubbery Victory!

wpid-20141106_152128.jpgVictory! Success! Triumph! Validation! Redemption! Ladies and Gentlemen I have done it! I have successfully made flubber with the kids. It was glorious! I honestly danced around the house. I felt like a super hero, Super Nanny! I didn’t realized before this week exactly how much successfully making flubber would mean to me. After the first attempt and failure I knew that I would try it again at some point, but I didn’t realize the effect attempting again would have on me. Usually I’ll decide what I am going to do with Penny and Jude, write the first blog post about it, buy the stuff, and then forget about it until Thursday when I actually do it with them. That was not the case this week; I thought about flubber all week, even though I bought the borax on Tuesday I still was worried about the outcome of trying to make flubber again. I thought about it in class, in the car driving to and from school, and even on the bus on my way to class my thoughts were preoccupied with flubber. What if once again it didn’t work? And so when we finally made it Thursday afternoon and it was a success I couldn’t contain my excitement! I danced around the house. I played it with the kids. I continued to go back and play with it all afternoon while I was supposed to be cleaning, I couldn’t resist having the stuff in my hands. It became slightly obsessive I will admit.

Okay so I guess I should tell you about a little more than my personal vindication through successfully making something for children to play with, called flubber. After posting on Tuesday and finishing my homework for the day I went out with my friend Daisy in search of the mythical substance known in the detergent aisle as Borax. The stars were aligned, we found borax at the first store we went to. As I mentioned above flubber slipped into my thought a lot over the following two days. wpid-20141106_150751.jpg

Thursday Penny didn’t have school so we didn’t have the time restraint in the morning. Our freed up schedule and having watched a couple clips of So You Think You Can Dance made a dance party a must have. We danced for almost two hours!By the time I realized what time it was there wasn’t enough time to try and make flubber before lunch and nap time. My heart sunk a little when I realized the waiting was going to have to continue a little bit longer. After nap time was over the waiting was over. It was once again time to make flubber. Penny helped me mix the glue, cold water, and food coloring together. Jude helped me mix the borax and the hot water together and then blend the two mixtures together. There was a moment while I was pouring and stirring the glue mixture into the borax mixture that I didn’t think it was going to work, but then it did! It was a beautiful moment when I realized that I had successfully made the flubber! wpid-20141106_152140.jpg

The kids played with it until their mommy got there, almost 2 hours later. I would say that when you actually have the right ingredients this recipe for flubber is a good one. Just a word from the wise do not put it on fabric, it was very hard to get off! Well I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and take advantage of this tested recipe, until next time.

The Pinning Nanny

Flubber Again?!

Original recipes comes from Schelastic Education Center.
Original recipes comes from Schelastic Education Center.

I believe that it is time to try and redeem myself from the flubber fiasco. If you haven’t read my post about the last time I tried to make flubber and are curious click here. This week I am going to try and make flubber with the kids, again. I feel like enough time has passed since my last failed attempt and this time I have done my research, I have a list of three stores that say that they have Borax in stock. If needed I will be traveling to multiple stores in search of the secret ingredient, and will not stop until I have acquired it! I am on a mission, I must redeem myself, and especially after last week’s almost disaster with the Spooky Bones I feel like now is the time to prove to myself and you faithful readers that flubber is something that I can make.

Alright so here’s the plan: today after I finish an acceptable amount of homework I am going to hit the pavement in search of the elusive secret ingredient to the success of making flubber. As I said before I am prepared to go to each of the three stores in my area that profess to have Borax in stock, and if need be get every shelf stocker and manager in each place search out its hiding place. Today I will not be taking no for an answer! And then come Thursday, with the magical Borax in hand, the kids and I will make the most perfect batch of borax that has ever been created.

I imagine that once I have obtained the box of powdered magic the rest of my week will go by without a hitch. Classes will be easy and enjoyable, homework will seemingly do itself, and all my other responsibilities will be a breeze. This perfect week of course includes when Penny, Jude, and I go to actually make the flubber. I see us having a lovely calm morning on Thursday culminating in when I announce that we will be making flubber. They will be filled with excitement but will still be able to control themselves and not start fighting over who can help me first, they will be the perfect little helpers. Pandora will playing only songs that the kids and I love while we precisely measure out the ingredients and mix them up. The chemical reaction will be magnificent! The ingredients will come together in a spectacular fashion and the result will be a bowl full of fluffy, squishy, colorful, and perfectly playful flubber. Penny and Jude will play with it for the rest of the morning and want to play with it again after nap, while the whole time I am doing a victory dance. The taste of victory will be so sweet, I will not even notice as the rest of the day flies by!

If you want to know exactly how magically my next attempt at making flubber with the kids will be check back in Friday afternoon. I promise to give a full account of the perfection that will be the day…

Flubber Blunder

As I said I was going to do on Wednesday, yesterday the kids and I attempted to make flubber…. It could have ended better. Wednesday night I went out to the store to pick up the borax and glue. I found the glue but could not for the life of me find borax. I looked in the laundry isle, the dish washing isle and a few other random isles just in case. I even asked someone that worked there and they sent me back to the laundry isle saying if they had it that’s where it would be. It appeared that Wegmans did not carry borax, so I quickly  looked up substitutes for borax. I found that corn starch and baking soda can be used as substitutes for borax. I knew there was a chance that the chemical reaction wouldn’t happen without the borax but I was willing to try.

All ready to start
All ready to start

Come Thursday morning I got everything for our project ready. Penny and Jude were so excited to make the flubber. Like I said I was going to do, I had Penny help me mix the first bowl of ingredients and Jude helped me with the second bowl. Then we poured the glue and food coloring mixture in the first bowl into the second bowl which had the baking soda and hot water in it. Nothing happened. No chemical reaction occurred and we were standing there mixing a bowl of pink watered down glue. It wasn’t my finest moment as a creative nanny.20140925_101634

Thinking on my feet I quickly said to the kids “Oh man it didn’t work! Oh well let’s put it in ziplock bags and squish it.” And so with a new plan in place I got the watery pink glue into double ziplocks as quickly as I could. I made a big deal out of how cool it was going to be to squish the stuff around in the bags. They played with the stuff for about ten minutes before Penny realized that it wasn’t really that fun. Luckily she had a great idea, playdough! I brought out the playdough and even pulled out some fall themed cookie cutters to enhance the fun, and they were off! They played with the playdough for almost an hour and I got my wish and had some time to do some homework!20140925_102126What did I learn from this experience? When you are trying to make flubber or anything similar to flubber you actually need to have the correct ingredients to cause the chemical reaction. I told my best friend who is also a nanny about my failed attempt and she simply laughed at me saying of course I couldn’t use baking soda instead of borax. I guess when it comes to the science side of nannying I don’t know everything yet. I am sorry I can’t say whether or not the flubber recipe that I linked in my last post is good or not. Perhaps the kids and I will try the recipe again sometime, when I actually can find borax.


This week I have decided I am going to make homemade flubber with Penny and Jude. Penny doesn’t have school tomorrow thanks the the Jewish holiday and so I thought it would be a good idea to do a craft that would both take a little while to make but would also encourage independent hands on playing for a long time. This is where the idea of flubber came in. I was looking through my pin board at all the crafts and activities I have been pinnying of late and came across this link to Schelastic Education Center’s blog on how to make flubber.

The recipe looks simple enough: water, glue, food coloring, and borax. The directions also look fairly straight forward. My guess is I will have one kid help me mix the first bowl of ingredients and have the second kid help me with the second bowl. And once the ingredients have all come together to make the flubber I am hoping that they will be playing with it for a long time! I’m hoping for an hour or more but I don’t want to get my hopes up they could just as easily get bored the second we are done making it and want to go outside and play with the little girl that lives next door, she is a year older than Penny and they love playing Anna and Elsa together. However my hope is they do love it and are able to play with it all morning so that (cross my fingers) I can get some reading done. The life of an English major is filled with things to read!

This plan is in no way fool proof! I have never made flubber with the kids before. The closest thing we have ever made to this was play dough. Like every other recipe or craft found online there is always the chance that it won’t work. The recipe could be flawed, missing a step or ingredient, Penny or Jude might by accident spill something or cause one of the bowls to fall onto the floor making a huge mess, a melt down could occur forcing discipline instead of fun, or the kids could be totally uninterested in making it. (Scenarios like these run through my head on a daily bases.) However bad it could turn out to be I am still willing to take the chance and if nothing else be able to tell you to find a different recipe!

Even though I am preparing for the worst I think this activity will go off well. It has all the elements that Penny and Jude love: hands on, cooking (in a way), colors, and a rewarding end result. As I said above I am hoping for a good hour of independent play time with the stuff. Who knows this could work out great, or terribly…. If you want to know what happens with this recipe stay tuned for the results, coming Friday afternoon (while the kids are napping.) I’ll give you all the messy/funny details. Until then you can imagine me knee deep in a green flubber explosion.