Forts and play time

Thursday night I went and saw one of my favorite bands, Rend Collective, play and so come Friday morning I was a little tired. The kids were super energetic and were craving something creative and a little destructive. Instead of giving into temptation and putting on a show I pulled out one of my old tricks, “Let’s build a fort!” Kids love everything about forts; they love the idea, the process of making one, the playing in it, and of course the destroying of the fort. All in all I thought it was a pretty good ┬áidea, and Penny and Jude did as well.

Today's fort, big enough for two.
Today’s fort, big enough for two.

In the past we have made elaborate forts that have encompassed the whole living and/or playroom, but today they wanted to make a simple small fort out of the couch cushions. They ripped off the couch cushions and commenced building the fort. They were feeling independent today and only wanted my help when it came to putting the roof on their new imagination castle. Once I placed the roof on the games began! With the cushions in use I sat on the ground and enjoyed the scene unfolding before me. Penny started bringing supplies for their new home while Jude simply giggled inside the new abode. Penny brought dolls, wooden food, extra pillows, blankets, and any other toy she thought was needed in the fort. Once they had successfully filled the fort with all the necessary things the inevitable happened, it came tumbling down. Jude may or may not have been the main cause of the collapse. Penny was disappointed but quickly got over it discovering rolling around in the debris was fun as well. The fort served its purpose, the kids were entertained for over an hour from the building to destruction.

As I mentioned before I have made a lot of forts, some more elaborate than others. One of my favorite forts I ever made I found the idea for on Pinterest. It is a truly simple design. All you need is a duvet cover and a fan. Secure the cover to the fan and then turn it on. It creates an air bubble in which you can play in. It is tons of fun! If you want to see what that one looks like click here. When I made this one with Penny and Jude it was a raining day and so I needed something that would be entertaining for a long time, we literally played in it all morning. I recommend it to anyone who needs to entertain kids. Of course there are other more classic designs for forts, such as the chairs and blankets one, the blankets and couch one, or the blankets and every other thing in the room design. All forms are fun and usually can take up a decent amount of time. I know not everyone is as well versed in the art of fort making and so if you need any help you can click here, or if you want other ideas on how to spend time with kids you can follow my nannying pin board. Each week I will be taking an idea from this board and trying it out with the kids and letting you know how it goes.