Yummy Mummies

It’s Friday! (Que the sighs of relief ) I’m not going to sugar coat it today has been a hard day. Jude has been difficult and I am very excited that it is almost the weekend. I have one walk to and from Penny’s school, one fight over her taking a nap, and maybe two hours of homework to do and then I can enjoy the weekend! And I hope that since you are reading this you are enjoying the weekend too.

Quick side not I used store brand crescent rolls and Apple Gate Farms natural hot dogs to make these tasty mummies. Anyway onto the hot dog mummies! Yesterday was a great day, and the hot dogs mummies did factor into the greatness of the day. I had originally planned to do all the prep work for the mummies on my own and then call the kids in when it was time to wrap them, but as I was cutting the crescent rolls into crips Penny came up to me to see what I was doing. As soon as she saw that I was cooking she asked if she could help. Charmed by her enthusiasm to help I went and got a chair and had her put her hand on top of mine to cut the dough into strips. We then made the hot dogs look more like humans by cutting legs and arms into them. The whole time we worked together we bopped our heads and swayed to the music from Pandora’s Disney station, honestly if you spend a lot of time with kids a well cultivated Disney Pandora station can keep you sane.  wpid-20141023_102112.jpg

Next came the really fun part. We each grabbed a hot dog and began to wrap them with strips of dough. It took a little learning and experimenting in figuring out the best way to wrap them so that the dough both stayed in place and the finished product looked like a mummy, but we got the hang of it and I think they looked great when we were done. Jude came over while we were wrapping them and wrapped one, but then got bored and so went back to playing We did have a laugh over the funniness of making hot dogs into mummies, the irony was not lost on Penny. Once they were all wrapped we popped them into the fiery tomb, otherwise known as the oven, and I put on the timer. There was no way I was going to burn those puppies, pun intended. wpid-20141023_103240.jpg

While the mummies were aging in their heated tomb I had to quickly throw together a side to serve with the mummies. I decided on serving the mummies with a side of golden nuggets, corn, and rudy juice, ketchup. Penny and Jude both loved the meal, however warning the inside of the mummies stay hot for a very long time so when serving to kids triple check that they are cool enough to be eaten.wpid-20141023_105449.jpg

I would call this activity an absolute success! It was a little time consuming for a lunch, it took about 45 minutes from start to finish, but I think the end result was well worth the time and effort. Plus they look supper cool when they are done. As an October activity these hot dog mummies are great, and I think I am going to make them a yearly tradition. So here’s to another week of successful activities with kids. I have been able to hold disaster at bay for another week, but who knows next week might blow up in my face, come back next week to find out!


The Idea of Hot Dog Mummies

I know I usually post the idea that I am going to try with the kids on Tuesdays but I had a paper to write and errands to run yesterday, among other things, and so it’s Wednesday. To anyone, if there is anyone, who was patiently waiting yesterday for my post I’m sorry. I thought about my post a couple times yesterday but that was mostly while I was trying not to get distracted from my paper and while I was out running errands. Ah, the life of a student!67267c76aa7722a95b491fe3791c187f

Ok so now that I have bored you with my excuses, let’s talk about what I’m planning for this week. Keeping with the October theme of Halloween, this Thursday the kids and I will be making Mummy Dogs for lunch. As always I found the recipe idea on Pinterest and am now bringing it to you. It is originally a Pilsbury recipe and the Pilsbury website even has video tutorial on how to make them, for those that aren’t as familiar with the kitchen.

The recipe itself is simple, hot dogs, crescent rolls, and cheese. Depending on if we have cheese or not I maybe omitting the cheese. I don’t think that having cheese in them or not is really going to make or break this recipe, so I will let you know what my final decision and the outcome is on Friday. So yeah, this recipe is easy, you take the hot dogs and either slice them so that they have arms and legs or you leave them unscathed. Next you take little strips of crescent roll and wrap them around the hot dogs. Once you have finished your burial ritual on the hot dogs you pop them in the oven for about 15 minutes. And then voila you have perfectly wrapped and baked mummy dogs.

I think Penny and Jude are going to find this activity especially amusing. I believe the idea of making hot dog mummies is going to be really funny to them. Honestly think about it yourself it’s kinda funny. I can just see us making the mummies and laughing about how silly what we are doing actually is. My prediction is that this is going to be a fun and easy project…

There is always the chance that my prediction is not correct. For all I know this could be a complete disaster! (Think back to the flubber incident.) But what could go wrong? Fighting over who gets to do what could ensue. The crescent rolls could not be the right consistency, it’s happened to me in the past. The mummies could come out of the oven just looking like big blobs of crescent roll with a hot dog in the center and look nothing like a mummy. I could forget the mummies in the oven and burn them to a crisp. Burning them would be the true disaster. If I burn them I won’t have time to make another lunch for the kids before Penny needs to get to school and so she would be going to school hungry. That would make me the worst nanny ever! It’s ok I haven’t had a mess up since the flubber… I can do this! I hope I can do this.

To see what happens come back Friday. I’ll have all the yummy/burnt, disastrous/glorious results for you then.