Planting Fun

wpid-20150410_111313.jpgHello everyone! I know I said I would post about planting elephant ear plants with Penny and Jude last week but two things happened. First of all my dad did not get the plants out last week so when Friday came and I asked for the plants they were not ready for me. And secondly I had about 30 pages of writing to do for my classes so when I thought about writing a quick post to explain the hold up my brain took a nap. But I’m awake now and planting has been done!

wpid-20150410_111447.jpgI brought over the pots with the dirt already in them so Penny and Jude literally just had to put the bulbs in the pots and then cover them with a little soil. I sent everything up while they were destroying the basement (which we cleaned up after nap) and then called them up to plant their individual bulb. They were really into it wanting to make sure that they had the bulb in the right way and that the dirt was in the right place. It was actually really cute. They got to get a little dirty too which they loved. Give them a little dirt and they’re in heaven.

wpid-20150410_111435.jpgThis activity went so smoothly I almost feel like we didn’t do it. I have photo to prove we did do it so I’m sure it actually happened. The best part of this activity is that they aren’t just going to have it for a couple days. They are going to be able to actually watch their own plants grow from bulbs to big elephant ear leaves, which if you haven’t seen before actually look like and can grow to be the size of a real elephant’s ear. Planting is a fun activity for anyone so if you haven’t done any spring planting yet I would encourage you to get some dirt under your nails and let your kids do the same! Until next time.

~The Pinning Nanny


Spring is in the Air!

School is crazy right now but every time I look out a window I am overwhelmed with the signs of spring! So this week Penny, Jude, and I are going to do some planting. My dad grows elephant ear plants every year and the way they work is that by the fall the big bulbs have produced baby bulbs that can be planted in the spring. I’m going to use two baby bulbs and have the kids plant one each so that they can watch their own plant grow from week to week. It’s going to be fun for them because they will be able to get a little dirty and have something at the end that they can track the growth of. Sadly the amount of unfinished homework that I have is screaming my name… Friday can’t come soon enough this week. Sorry for the short post, Friday’s will be better.