Friday Failure

So this week I failed. As I said on Wednesday’s post, which should have been on Tuesday, school started up again this week plus my friend that I have know since I was a baby is moving across the country to California and leaving Sunday morning. It is a slight understatement to say that my mind hasn’t been focused on making crafts with Penny and Jude. So today I regretfully have to say I didn’t do the snow dough with them. I was supposed to do it this morning with them but I woke up and completely forgot to bring the corn starch and lotion to make it with me to their house. This week has showed me that since my school schedule is different this semester my blogging schedule is also going to have to change. I will be thinking about how I can fit the blogging and crafting in somehow over the weekend and let you all know next week. I love doing this so much and so I just have to figure out how I will feasibly be able to keep posting every ¬†week. I will keep you posted!

~The Pinning Nanny


Wintery Dough

Snow Dough Recipe for play 65First of all I have to apologize for not posting yesterday, or earlier today. Yesterday was the first day of my new semester. So now that that is out of the way. This week Penny, Jude and I are going to make some snow because on Sunday when it was raining/freezing something outside all I wanted was snow. I love making and playing with play dough with the kids, and so when I found a recipe for snow dough I was really excited. It isn’t exactly play dough but I can’t wait to see how it feels and molds. This craft comes from Growing a Jeweled Rose, a blogger who I have found many great ideas for crafts through. Penny and Jude love making play dough with me and I think that this new spin on it will be a lot of fun for all three of us. Instead of using flour and water over the stove to make the dough this snow dough uses corn starch and lotion. I’ve got some cheap lotion that I never use and corn starch is a cheap ingredient and so I’m happy. Also I’m not sure but I’m guessing that the lotion will keep some of it’s moisture giving abilities and with all this cold weather mine and the kids hands could do with some moisture. This really would be a great craft if it was both something for play but also a hand treatment at the same time.

I want to do this craft in the morning in hopes that Penny and Jude will love it and play with it for a long time allowing me to make lunch in peace. I feel like of late that is one of my main goals. It is like a little sanctuary from the craziness to be able to still see them playing at the table through the door but have my music on and be in some level of quiet. So this is my goal with the snow dough, make lunch in peace. I think I should be able to accomplish this given the fact that they will be fascinated enough that corn starch and lotion make a play dough like object. I have also seen how long they can play happily with play dough and so that also gives me hope.

My only concern this week is a peaceful lunch making time. I don’t really care about a mess or anything else. I can take care of and clean up those things while Penny is at school and Jude is sleeping. This semester has officially started and I’m already tired, I just finished reading four articles. So be rooting for me this week! I’ll let you know on Friday if I got my break or not.

Flubber Blunder

As I said I was going to do on Wednesday, yesterday the kids and I attempted to make flubber…. It could have ended better. Wednesday night I went out to the store to pick up the borax and glue. I found the glue but could not for the life of me find borax. I looked in the laundry isle, the dish washing isle and a few other random isles just in case. I even asked someone that worked there and they sent me back to the laundry isle saying if they had it that’s where it would be. It appeared that Wegmans did not carry borax, so I quickly ¬†looked up substitutes for borax. I found that corn starch and baking soda can be used as substitutes for borax. I knew there was a chance that the chemical reaction wouldn’t happen without the borax but I was willing to try.

All ready to start
All ready to start

Come Thursday morning I got everything for our project ready. Penny and Jude were so excited to make the flubber. Like I said I was going to do, I had Penny help me mix the first bowl of ingredients and Jude helped me with the second bowl. Then we poured the glue and food coloring mixture in the first bowl into the second bowl which had the baking soda and hot water in it. Nothing happened. No chemical reaction occurred and we were standing there mixing a bowl of pink watered down glue. It wasn’t my finest moment as a creative nanny.20140925_101634

Thinking on my feet I quickly said to the kids “Oh man it didn’t work! Oh well let’s put it in ziplock bags and squish it.” And so with a new plan in place I got the watery pink glue into double ziplocks as quickly as I could. I made a big deal out of how cool it was going to be to squish the stuff around in the bags. They played with the stuff for about ten minutes before Penny realized that it wasn’t really that fun. Luckily she had a great idea, playdough! I brought out the playdough and even pulled out some fall themed cookie cutters to enhance the fun, and they were off! They played with the playdough for almost an hour and I got my wish and had some time to do some homework!20140925_102126What did I learn from this experience? When you are trying to make flubber or anything similar to flubber you actually need to have the correct ingredients to cause the chemical reaction. I told my best friend who is also a nanny about my failed attempt and she simply laughed at me saying of course I couldn’t use baking soda instead of borax. I guess when it comes to the science side of nannying I don’t know everything yet. I am sorry I can’t say whether or not the flubber recipe that I linked in my last post is good or not. Perhaps the kids and I will try the recipe again sometime, when I actually can find borax.