BOO Signs Come to Life!

Yesterday Penny, Jude, and I tried our hand at making the BOO signs. When I went to Michaels on Tuesday I decided to have them each make their own signs and so gotten the supplies to make two signs, one for each of them. While they were watching their morning show I got everything set up. I put a plastic table cloth down that we use when painting and set out their letters, a paint brush, and a cup of paint for each of them. They were so excited when they came to the table and saw that they were going to be able to paint.



They jumped right to the task of painting. At first they only wanted to paint the tops of the letters, but with some encouragement they were able to cover pretty much the entirety of each letter in the black paint. There thankfully was no complaint about the color of paint that was provided. And as they happily painted I realized I hadn’t eaten breakfast and so treated myself to a piece of toast with farm fresh butter, my dad works for a farmer, and the pumpkin butter the kids and I made last week. I just have to say that the pumpkin butter tasted amazing still, it has a good shelf life.20141016_101427

Anyway back to the BOO signs and kids. Once they got into painting they had a lot of fun. And like I predicted they got paint on themselves… It could have been must worse. They were able to only get the paint on their bodies. Plus they had come in their pajamas so I just kept them in those for the project as a safety measure so that when Penny went to school there wouldn’t be any paint on her clothes and Jude could go to bed paint free. So once they were done painting we had a cleaning party in the bathroom cause that fact that they didn’t get any paint on their pajamas is actually incredible considering the fact of the places and in some cases the amounts of paint they did get on themselves. Luckily I was able to clean them up and then we went on a walk to get some fresh air, and spend some of their energy, to let the paint start to dry. 20141016_103309

We let the paint continue to dry while Penny was at school and Jude took his nap. After Penny got back from school and took her rest we finished up out craft. I had picked up a thing of ribbon while I was at Michaels that I had thought would look great with the black letters. What I didn’t know was there was going to be just enough ribbon to complete the difficult task at, seriously the hardest part of this project was tying those ribbons so that the letters and the bows looked good. My friend, Hannah, was there watching me tie the bows and she can attest to how much of a challenge it was. Don’t judge me until you try it yourself, those letters and pieces of ribbon did not want to be friends at first. However as you can tell by the final result they’re friends now.20141017_111445



It’s Tuesday again and that means it’s time to talk about a new craft and predict the outcome of making it. I have decided this week to make a seasonal door decoration with Penny and Jude. I found this idea on Pinterest a few weeks ago and I think it is going to be really cute. It originally came from a young married blogger who got into the seasonal crafts and came up with this BOO sign.  I think the sign is really cute and I believe that the kids will really have a lot of fun making it.

I like doing activities like this with the kids because it is always good when you can send them home with something. The kids are so proud to show their parents what they have made and the parents usually are excited to be getting a gift/something they can put up and say their kid made that. Parents love bragging about their kids and crafts are a great way of allowing the parents to do that. Plus I mean come on decorating for the seasons can get a bit much so anytime I can help out I try to. This sign will add a little pop to the front door or wherever else in the house the mom decides to put it. I am even rolling around the idea of them each making their own sign so that they can go on their bedroom doors. We shall see how much the supplies are when I go to the store later today.

There are a few components to this craft; we are going to have to paint the letters, which the kids will LOVE. They love painting and not having any lines to stay in will make it even more fun! I’ll just cover the table with old news paper and let them go crazy. Then after the paint has dried we will have to attach the letters together with ribbon to create the sign. My thinking is that we will do the painting in the morning before Penny goes to school and then after she gets back and has her rest we will attach the letters.

So now comes the part when I imagine what could go wrong while making this craft and second-guess my desire to make it with the kids. Here we go! Paint is messy! The painting could get out of control, they could start flinging their paint brushes around in the air getting paint all over the room and windows, making me have to spend my nap time break scrubbing the room down. A paint fight could occur in which I would have to spend ample time cleaning them up and making Penny presentable for school and then go back and clean the room. They could not want to paint the letters in the colors I have. Paint could get on their clothes and their mom may not send clothes for them to change into.  And yeah, paint, paint is dangerous! Maybe this was a bad idea… I guess you will find out on Friday if this idea was a disaster or the perfect way to decorate a door. Until Friday then!